Celebrating Independence Day with Zeal and Honor: Jini Dewaliya Joins Flag Hoisting Ceremony

In a proud and patriotic event, “Shree Ramashraya Public Higher Secondary School” welcomed the esteemed presence of Jini Dewaliya as the Chief Guest for the flag hoisting ceremony on the 15th of August. The school campus resonated with the spirit of freedom as students, teachers, and staff gathered to pay homage to India’s Independence Day.

Jini Dewaliya, known for her influential contributions to various fields, stood tall as a symbol of inspiration for the young minds. Her presence ignited an air of enthusiasm and reverence, as the national flag was unfurled amidst the melodious rendition of the national anthem.

Addressing the audience, Jini Dewaliya commended the efforts of the school in imparting quality education and nurturing future leaders. She stressed the significance of unity, diversity, and the essence of freedom that India’s struggle for independence represents.

The event continued with captivating performances by the students, showcasing their talents in music, dance, and drama. The celebration culminated with Jini Dewaliya sharing her thoughts on the values that bind a nation together and inspire its progress.

The Principal of the school expressed heartfelt gratitude to Jini Dewaliya for gracing the occasion and motivating the students with her words of wisdom. The ceremony left an indelible mark on the hearts of all present, strengthening their commitment to the principles that the nation stands for.

“Shree Ramashraya Public Higher Secondary School” remains indebted to Jini Dewaliya for illuminating the path of knowledge and patriotism for the next generation. The flag hoisting ceremony was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of freedom, unity, and progress that India embodies on its journey of independence.

jini dewaliya hoisting flag

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