Jini Dewaliya Honored with World Book of Star Records Award for Exemplary Social Work by Vaikalpik Chikitsa Paddhati Vikas Sanstha, India

Vaikalpik Chikitsa Paddhati Vikas Sanstha, India, presented the esteemed award for social work to the exceptional individual, Jini Dewaliya, during a prestigious social event organized by the Sanstha. The event was graced by various dignitaries, including the honorable Daraksha Andrasthi Minister from Jammu and Kashmir, who had the honor of conferring the award to Jini Dewaliya. This esteemed recognition was bestowed upon her by the World Book of Star Records for her outstanding contributions to the field of social work.

Among the distinguished guests present at the event was Shankar Lalwani, a prominent Member of Parliament from Indore, and several other notable personalities. The occasion also saw the recognition of social workers from various countries, who were also honored for their remarkable efforts and dedication toward social welfare.

Jini Dewaliya’s tireless efforts and commitment to the betterment of society have truly made a significant impact, and it is with great pride and admiration that she received this well-deserved award. Her exemplary work will continue to inspire and uplift communities across India and beyond.

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